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Craft Cocktails, Quickly: 7 Places to Find Drinks on Tap

Because sometimes you just don't want to wait 10 minutes for a well-mixed drink.

A draft cocktail at Barter.
A draft cocktail at Barter.
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Bartenders are constantly thinking up new and interesting ways to get their willing patrons sloshed, and sometimes, that means just switching up the delivery device. At the same time that mixologists are painstakingly chiseling their own ice and mixing tedious old-school cocktails, creative barmen like Barter's Rocco Milano are also figuring out ways to make it easier to get delicious and consistent cocktails out to their customers.

Make no mistake, Milano is still a fan of complicated mixed-to-order cocktails, but Barter's high-volume location in Uptown presented some unique challenges. "When we first opened, Frankie's Sports Bar was across the street, and people would stumble their way in here after having a Bud Light," says Milano. To ensure that he was able to provide uniformly high-quality drinks on the fly, Milano utilized a fancy (and pricey) tap system that would produce a perfectly mixed, perfectly chilled drink each time.

According to Milano, his bar may have been one of the first in the area to adopt the practice, but several local bars have joined him since. At these seven restaurants and bars, you won't be waiting fifteen minutes for a bartender to mix your next round of drinks - because face it, we're all a little impatient sometimes when it comes to booze.

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