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Ever-Controversial Chef John Tesar Snags Esquire TV Feature

The Knife chef will appear alongside icons like Wolfgang Puck and Jonathan Waxman.

Tesar checks on his meat-aging room at Knife.
Tesar checks on his meat-aging room at Knife.
Aidan Barrett/EDFW

Esquire magazine — and by extension, the Esquire TV network — sure does love John Tesar. Steakhouse version 2.0 Knife was just lauded as one of the Best New Restaurants in America by newly appointed restaurant editor Josh Ozersky (following a 2013 nod for his seafood restaurant, Spoon, via former restaurant editor John Mariani), and now the chef will appear on an upcoming Esquire network one-hour special called Restaurant Revolution alongside heavy-hitters like Wolfgang Puck, Jonathan Waxman, and Tom Colicchio.

Per Eater National:

The show will profile chefs from Esquire's most recent Best New Restaurant list along with "culinary rockstars who have appeared on the list in years past." ... Wolfgang Puck, who is described as the father of fusion cuisine in America, will be featured alongside chef Jonathan Waxman, who is labeled the original "bad boy chef." Tom Colicchio gets a nod for "pushing the boundaries of simplicity at Gramercy Tavern, and John Tesar is included for being "one of the most controversial chefs working today."

Further showing that sometimes a late-night "fuck you" tweet can be an excellent career move, Restaurant Revolution airs Wednesday, November 12 at 8 p.m. on the Esquire network.


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