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Is Shake Shack Coming to Dallas After All?

Danny Meyer's NYC-based chain would certainly be a welcome addition to Dallas's already-crowded burger landscape.

A recently opened Shake Shack in Brooklyn.
A recently opened Shake Shack in Brooklyn.
Shake Shack/Facebook

Last fall insanely popular NYC-based burger chain Shake Shack announced plans to invade Austin with its first Texas location, and Dallasites were naturally envious: An inquiry to Shake Shack HQ came back with the disappointing reply that the burgermeisters had "no plans at the moment" to come to Dallas.

But a lot can happen in six months time — is it possible that Shake Shack has since decided to come to D-Town after all? Blogger Mike Hiller seems to think so, citing an unnamed "real estate guru" as saying that the chain is eyeing three potential sites: "one near the Katy Trail, another in Uptown and a third in Highland Park."

Eater reached out to Shake Shack for comment and received the following response: "Rumors often circulate about where the next Shack might open. We’re always looking for vibrant communities to become a part of, but at this time we have nothing concrete to share regarding Dallas ... Right now we’re focused on opening our first-ever Shake Shack in Austin, which should happen early next year."

In the meantime, the city certainly isn't suffering from any shortage of tasty burgers.