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Critic Leslie Brenner Expects Proper Wine Service at Barbecue Places

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Seriously: The critic suggests Pecan Lodge's servers could use "a little training" on wine service.

Pecan Lodge, home of "outrageously good" brisket and improper wine service.
Pecan Lodge, home of "outrageously good" brisket and improper wine service.
Margo Sivin/EDFW

Leslie Brenner reviewed Pecan Lodge: At this point, a review of Dallas's most beloved barbecue place is probably unnecessary, but nonetheless, the critic weighs in: Meats are mostly "excellent," though she mentions "a bit of a consistency issue." Unsurprisingly, brisket was "was pretty outrageously good on all three visits." Here's where it gets ridiculous, though: When it comes to the ambiance, Brenner complains that the orders being called out over a loudspeaker "so loudly is jarring, especially during busy times." Wine service is perhaps even more offensive: "The bartender ... proceeded to open the bottle and over-fill the glasses without presenting the wine or letting anyone taste it first." Gasp. Nonetheless, she still gives it three stars. [DMN]

Teresa Gubbins reviewed Pho District: The pho at West 7th's new Vietnamese restaurant "stands up there with any local favorite. It is an exemplary version that gets it totally right." As far as the rest of the dishes go, vermicelli noodle dishes are "like an exotic pasta salad," tofu has a "lightly crunchy crust that kept the inside creamy and soft," and banh mi are "classically rendered, with a light crispy baguette that sopped up the exotic, satisfying flavors from the fillings." A chorizo rice pancake is "one of most creative dishes on the menu,"with a 'crust' [that's] dusted with pork "jerky." There's also "a full bar featur[ing] Vietnamese beers and cocktails made with custom mixers such as cucumber-mint limeade." []

ELSEWHERE: Fort Worth Weekly also reviewed Pho District; tried State Fair foods, as did the Dallas Morning News; SideDish taste-tested pumpkin beers; Daniel Vaughn went to Florida's Kitchen (which is actually in Livingston, Texas).

Pecan Lodge

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