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Watch Local Do-Gooders Cafe Momentum on The Rachael Ray Show

The local nonprofit teaches real-life restaurant skills to juvenile offenders.

Local do-gooders Cafe Momentum are getting some much deserved major media attention: This morning the nonprofit was featured in a segment on the Rachael Ray Show. As affable executive director Chad Houser explains in the four-minute segment, "Cafe Momentum is a pop-up restaurant and a paid, post-release internship for juvenile offenders. Or as we like to say, we take kids out of jail and teach them to play with knives and fire."

While Houser will be the first to admit that "it's a crazy idea to take kids out of jail and put them in a really nice restaurant and expect them to perform at a very high level, and it's an even crazier idea to think anybody's actually going to show up and eat the food," his plan to provide a guiding light for young people in need has clearly resonated with the community: Cafe Momentum recently hosted its 41st pop-up edition at John Tesar's Knife, and every single one has sold out. The nonprofit is preparing to open its own brick-and-mortar restaurant in downtown Dallas this December (do scope out the video for a sneak peek at the space).