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You Too Can Own a John Tesar T-Shirt For Just $24

Someone has immortalized the controversial chef on a shirt.

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Let Tesar handle it, okay?
Let Tesar handle it, okay?
SunFrog Shirts

Attention John Tesar fans: Now you can show your support for the outspoken Spoon and Knife chef on your torso. An e-commerce site called SunFrog Shirts is now offering a "Keep Calm and Let Tesar Handle It" shirt; it's unknown who created said shirt, though the chef clarified via Twitter that he doesn't profit in any way from sales. While you probably won't see Leslie Brenner sporting one anytime soon, perhaps Tesar himself will be spotted wearing one under his chef's jacket in the near future — after all, Christmas is coming. (Bonus: It's also available in a hoodie version, to keep you warm throughout all the embittered chef vs. critic battles that will almost surely transpire this winter.)