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Hell Yes: HG Sply Co. Spin-Off Remedy Will Have a 'Pie and Sundae Program'

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Chefs Danyele McPherson and Gmo Tristan will lead the kitchen at the soon-to-open Lower Greenville restaurant.

McPherson and Tristan.
McPherson and Tristan.
Kevin Marple

Finally, more details on Remedy, the long-awaited Lower Greenville project from HG Sply Co. owner Elias Pope. Leading the kitchen will be former Grape chef and Top Chef alum Danyele McPherson, with Gmo Tristan (formerly of Boulevardier) serving as exec pastry chef.

"The concept has changed significantly since I first started working on it," a press release quotes Pope as saying. "What I thought was a restaurant heavily weighted toward the 1900’s explosion of the soda fountain has evolved into a personal lesson in early American hospitality." According to McPherson, "Remedy is not about sourcing exotic ingredients, it's about sourcing the best ingredients possible and making the best fish sandwich, BLT, grilled cheese, pork chop, pot pie etc that we possibly can. The menu is inspired by food my mom would make when I was growing up."

The homey vibe extends to the dessert menu, which will be heavy on the Americana in the form of pies and ice cream sundaes. Pie varieties will change with the seasons, while the sundae side of things will have three permanent menu fixtures and three more rotating selections.

Look for Remedy to open in late November or early December right alongside HG Sply Co. and Pope's other venture, the Gym of Social Mechanics (which, coincidentally, you might need to visit after a few of those ice cream sunades?).

Remedy: 2010B Greenville Ave., (website coming soon)