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Bar Smyth to Kick Off Pop-Up Dinner Series With a Southern Vibe

Chef Art Wilson will serve a five-course prix fixe every Sunday evening for the rest of October.

Inside Bar Smyth.
Inside Bar Smyth.
Garrett Hall/EDFW

Dimly lit cocktail den Bar Smyth will host a series of pop-up dinners beginning this Sunday, SideDish reports. Dallas PopLife and chef Art Wilson (who, according to his bio, hails from Seattle) will be serving a five-course dinner in the space every Sunday in October. Despite his Pacific Northwestern roots, the first menu is decidedly Southern and New Orleanian in flavor, with dishes like gnocchi with crab and andouille sausage, "crispy Southern fried spring rolls" stuffed with collards and black-eyed peas, a riff on the poultry-fest known as Turducken, and New Orleans-style bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

The menu will change weekly, but the price remains the same: $65 per person. Bar Smyth bartenders will also be on hand mixing drinks. According to the website, a portion of the dinners' proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

Smyth's adjoining restaurant The Establishment remains open, though it certainly doesn't get much media attention these days; Leslie Brenner gave it a somewhat enthusiastic review earlier this year, but then-chef Brent Hammer departed soon after to join Sean Conner's Pie 3.14 in Lewisville.


4513 Travis St., Dallas, TX 75205 214-520-0900