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Knife is Adding Foie Gras to Its Dry-Aging Repertoire

The modernized steakhouse is known for long-aged steaks, and now it's setting its sights on duck liver.

Knife's dry-aging room.
Knife's dry-aging room.
Aidan Barrett/EDFW

John Tesar's Knife at The Highland Dallas (formerly the Hotel Palomar) has gotten lots of attention for its dry-aging program, and now the slabs of beef spending up to 240 days in the restaurant's custom-built $50,000 meat room will be snuggled up with another protein: foie gras. City of Ate reports that Tesar just embarked on this interesting new venture last week, so it'll probably be several weeks until it's ready for tasting — but here's what you can (hopefully) expect:

The rich texture of the foie gras will likely tighten up and the mineral-y flavors of the liver will be drawn away with excess water, resulting in the "fattiest, creamiest foie gras you've ever tasted." Ultimately, the foie should have a "pate-like" taste without the addition of traditional pate ingredients.

It's not clear whether or not Tesar's the first chef to dream up dry-aging duck liver (a cursory Google search on the topic brings up a whole lot of nothing), but foie junkies will surely be clamoring for a taste of Knife's once it's ready to go — provided they're willing to pony up the inevitably hefty price tag.


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