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Snuffer's Spin-Off Pat's & Mike's is Open for Biz in North Dallas

The Snuffer family is branching out from their cheese fry roots.

Double apostrophe action at Preston and Frankford.
Double apostrophe action at Preston and Frankford.
Pat's & Mike's/Facebook

The Snuffers may have relinquished control of their legendary cheese fry-centric chain, but they're now back in business: New family venture Pat's & Mike's debuted earlier this week at Preston and Frankford in Far North Dallas.

No menu is available online just yet, but according to the restaurant's official website, folks can expect stone oven-baked pizzas (courtesy of an oven left behind by the building's former tenant, Battuto), stuffed baked potatoes, salads, chicken tenders, burgers "made with an exclusive Angus chuck and short rib blend," and sliders in "cheddarburger," chicken, meatball, and brisket varieties.

On the beverage side of things, expect three dozen tequila options from which to concoct margaritas — Pat and Mike are using fresh-squeezed juices, thankfully — plus 20 draft beers and another 20 in bottles and/or cans.

Snuffer's filed for bankruptcy back in the spring of 2013, and a few months later Firebird Restaurant Group (El Fenix, Meso Maya, et al.) purchased all the Snuffer's locations — except the O.G. Lower Greenville location, which was then under renovations and was not a part of the original bankruptcy filing. Patriarch Pat Snuffer planned to turn it into a "new" concept called Pat's Burger & Cheddar Fries, but this didn't sit too well with Firebird, who filed suit against Snuffer claiming that the new concept was a "blatant rip-off" of the Snuffer's name and concept and would cause "massive confusion." A settlement was reached out of court, and Snuffer marched off to do his own thing.