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Proof + Pantry, Righteous Foods, Bet The House BBQ and More Reviews

Rounding up the week's restaurant reviews.

Proof + Pantry.
Proof + Pantry.
Korri Kopsi/EDFW

Leslie Brenner reviewed Proof + Pantry: Mummy costume antics aside, Brenner found a lot to like at this "chef-driven gastropub with outstanding cocktails." Standout dishes included a "beautifully roasted" whole chicken (though Brenner felt the accompany vegetables were a bit out of season) and handmade pastas including one with lobster and Asiago. Less impressive was "aggressive" wine upselling and some lengthy waits for food to appear. Overall, she declares it "a sexy, fun addition to One Arts Plaza." [DMN]

Fort Worth Weekly checked out breakfast at Righteous Foods: The new Fort Worth restaurant from Lanny Lancarte is "determined not to sacrifice the pleasures of flavor for health’s sake." Banana chocolate waffles "sounded like one of those whip cream-topped pancake monstrosities that IHOP advertises," but these were "less sweet, modestly sized, and also more flavorful." A reasonably-sized Swine Burrito featured "bright golden scrambled eggs, sharp cheddar, and small chunks of slightly spicy, intensely pork-flavored sausage" plus black beans and cheese, but an open-faced breakfast sandwich "didn't have much flavor." Nonetheless, "Righteous Foods should keep health-conscious patrons coming back for café fare that boasts simple but surprising ingredient combos." [FW Weekly]

Daniel Vaughn went to Bet The House BBQ: This Denton strip mall joint began "with $5,000 from a Kickstarter campaign and a big dream." Vaughn finds some of the meat overly smoky: "A few juicy slices of fatty brisket were expertly cooked, and exhibited just the texture I want in a brisket, but I couldn’t get over the uncomfortable level of smoke," he says. Chicken is "dry and chewy," but turkey is "juicy, well spiced, and pleasantly smoky," while pulled pork makes "a good, smoky sidekick for the ribs" ("a strong point"). Overall, Bet The House has "the potential, and seemingly the intentions, to make a real mark in North Texas," but they need to work on their fire techniques. [TMBBQ]

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