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Monkey King Stuffs Thanksgiving Dinner Into Dumplings

The Deep Ellum noodle stand is going all-American with a holiday special.

K. Davidson/EDFW


Deep Ellum walk-up stand Monkey King Noodle Co. has developed a loyal following for its bold Asian flavors in the form of spicy beef soup and dandan noodles — just drive by any day at lunchtime and check out the line — and now the noodle masters are putting their own spin on American holiday fare: They're stuffing their handmade dumpling wrappers with an oh-so-seasonal mixture of turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes, and serving the holiday-flavored dumplings with a side of gingery cranberry sauce for dipping.

The dumpling filling admittedly doesn't scream Thanksgiving on its own, though the little bundles certainly get a festive boost from the dipping sauce. But if you're one of those people that just has to investigate all holiday-flavored things (remember those super-weird Jones Soda flavors?), they're probably worth a shot — otherwise, you can never go wrong with the juicy pork soup dumplings.