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Not Everything Matt McCallister Eats is Local and Foraged

Even the FT33 chef busts out canned and frozen foods for Thanksgiving.

Matt McCallister: not actually a food snob.
Matt McCallister: not actually a food snob.
Margo Sivin/EDFW

FT33's Matt McCallister is sort of the Dallas poster boy for local, seasonal eating and foraging, so it's easy to imagine that the chef survives solely on a diet of pickled ramps, local tomatoes, and foraged dandelions — or something like that. But now here comes the Dallas Observer to shatter our illusions with a feature in which a dozen-plus local chefs give the lowdown on what they'll be cooking and/or eating for Thanksgiving.

McCallister tells City of Ate that "the most amazing thing in the world" is green chili cheesy potatoes, a concoction that, much like your grandma's green bean casserole, is [gasp] made entirely from canned and frozen products. (Five-star chefs — they're just like us!) McCallister also gives the lowdown on his go-to stuffing, a somewhat intricate-sounding process that involves air-drying three types of bread for a week.

Other interesting tidbits from the piece: Gemma's Stephen Rogers may forego the traditional turkey in favor of "a poulet au vinaigre in a combination of tomato and vinegar or an Indian turkey vindaloo," and Pakpao partner Jet Tila says "he's been making a sausage and chestnut dressing laced with fresh truffles for years." Fancy.