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Fort Worth's Pizza Snob Has a Plan For Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey sandwiches are so passé.

With the exception of those that decide to go out for Chinese food, most people are probably about to be faced with a whole lot of leftover turkey. Turkey sandwiches are great and all, but perhaps 2014 should be the year you get a bit more creative with your cache of post-Thanksgiving Tupperware vessels. Fort Worth fast-casual pizzeria Pizza Snob — aka the people who masterminded the Frito chili pie pizza — whipped up a Thanksgiving pie that's either enticing or stomach-turning, depending on how you feel about nubbins of stuffing and brown gravy standing in for pepperoni and marinara. At any rate, the secret to this creation seems to be sandwiching the filling between two crusts, which in theory would keep the oh-so-delicate turkey meat from drying out in the oven. (And if Thanksgiving pizza's not your jam, maybe turkey-and-gravy-stuffed dumplings or turkey-cranberry sausage will inspire your leftovers game.)