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John Tesar's Next Venture Will Be An Italian Restaurant

And no, it won't be called Fork.

Coming soon: Italian food by Johnny T.
Coming soon: Italian food by Johnny T.
Margo Sivin/EDFW

Knife/Spoon chef and frequent Twitter ranter John Tesar has no shortage of irons in the fire: Besides running his two acclaimed Dallas restaurants, the outspoken chef also has hotel restaurant projects in Memphis and North Carolina in the works, as well as a reality TV show — oh yeah, and a new restaurant concept for Dallas. As the Dallas Morning News reported from the recent grand re-opening party at The Highland Dallas (formerly Hotel Palomar) where Knife is located, Tesar has plans to open an "authentic Italian" restaurant in 2015 showcasing handmade pastas.

Over the weekend, Tesar asserted that the future restaurant will feature an approachable price point — and while the restaurant doesn't yet have an official name or location, he promises that it will not, in fact, be called Fork.