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Banh Shop Now Feeding Hungry Travelers at DFW Airport

The Vietnamese fusion concept is now open in Terminal D.

Banh Shop inside DFW Airport.
Banh Shop inside DFW Airport.
Banh Shop/Facebook

Fast food conglomerate Yum Brands opened a second branch of Vietnamese fusion concept Banh Shop in DFW Airport's Terminal D on Saturday. Banh mi sandwiches with various fillings (think grilled pork meatballs and coconut chicken breast), noodle bowls, and a strange-yet-tasty Southeast Asian spin on elotes are certainly a welcome addition to the oft-depressing airport dining landscape.

The airport Banh Shop is open daily from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. and is located at gate D31. The quick-service, order-at-the-counter setup makes it a viable option for travelers who want something better and fresher than the airport's many fast food options, but faster and cheaper than places like Reata or III Forks — or the dreaded TGI Friday's that seem to occupy every terminal, for that matter.

The first Banh Shop opened near SMU back in September; following some early logo-related controversy, the buzz on the food, service, and atmosphere has been mostly favorable.