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John Tesar's Future Italian Restaurant May or May Not Be Called Gravy

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Gravy as in the long-simmered tomato sauce, not the white stuff you put on chicken-fried steak.

John Tesar

John Tesar. [Photo: Margo Sivin/EDFW]

Word surfaced recently that chef John Tesar has another Dallas restaurant in the works — an affordable Italian concept that will showcase handmade pastas. The future project has no confirmed location as of yet, but according to long-time local news anchor Jane McGarry, it will be called Gravy.

McGarry wrote about a recent visit to Spoon on her personal blog, and shares details she apparently gleaned about Tesar's new project:

"Tesar is adding a third restaurant to the duo of Knife and Spoon, an Italian pasta bar that will be called Gravy which is what lots of Italian Americans call the sauce on pasta. Gravy will be moderately priced pastas, sauces and a couple of main courses – no pizzas."

Tesar wouldn't confirm or deny the name Gravy, but one thing's for sure — if that is the restaurant's real name, he's probably going to get a bunch of folks wandering in for chicken-fried steak rather than Italian food.