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Tex-Mex Staple Herrera's Cafe is Reborn in West Dallas

Combo plates and a new patio await at the icon's new location.

Check out that patio.
Check out that patio.
Herrera's Cafe/Facebook

Combo plate legend Herrera's Cafe has a fresh new location on Sylvan Avenue. The Tex-Mex stalwart, which had occupied several different buildings on Maple Avenue since it opened some forty years ago, was originally slated to move shop yet again to a new-construction building on Maple. After discovering that the tax rate at the new building would be extremely costly, they decided to leave Maple altogether, shuttering the restaurant back in August — and now they've reopened two miles away, just a stone's throw from Trinity Groves.

Folks will find all their tried-and-true favorites on the menu — including the complimentary bean soup and the much-lauded enchiladas. Scott Reitz of the Dallas Observer got a closer look at the patio, and it looks like an ideal place to hunker down with a margarita or three — until the dreaded Arctic Blast hits, at least.


3311 Sylvan Ave, Dallas, TX 75212 (214) 954-7180