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Hibiscus Chef Graham Dodds Will Cook at the James Beard House

Dodds is headed to New York City in January.

Alison McLean

Major congrats are in order for Hibiscus chef Graham Dodds, who's snagged the coveted honor of being invited to cook dinner at the hallowed James Beard House in New York City. Per Dodds' bio, he previously cooked at the Beard House in 2004, but this will surely be his first time running the show; he'll be the only chef featured at the upcoming event. Dodds' dinner will take place on January 31; the event isn't yet listed on the James Beard Foundation website, but keep an eye out if you just so happen to plan to be in the city that day (or have some NYC-dwelling friends you'd like to send his way).

Dodds was named one of the best chefs in DFW this year by the Dallas Morning News; under his leadership, Hibiscus also snagged a four-star review from the paper.