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Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. Hopes to Get Cooking Mid-January

The Bishop Arts district's future sandwich shop is coming together.

Watch this space.
Watch this space.
Dallas Grilled Cheese Co./Facebook

Brace for a grilled cheese invasion: Things are progressing nicely at future Bishop Arts tenant Dallas Grilled Cheese Co., with a cheesy new sign announcing the project to the neighborhood. If all goes to plan, partner Mack Simpson says they'll have their certificate of occupancy next week; after that, there's still hiring and training to be done, with mid-January being eyed as a potential opening date.

Lest you dismiss grilled cheese sandwiches as kiddie fare, there will indeed be beer, wine, and specialty cocktails, not to mention a patio where patrons can settle down with a sandwich and a nice cold beverage. If you have life-long fantasies of getting paid to make grilled cheese sandwiches, now's your chance: Send employment inquiries to

While Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. will be the first of its kind in the area, it's hardly the first grilled cheese-centric restaurant in DFW: Lee's Grilled Cheese began its life as a food truck before expanding to a brick-and-mortar spot in Fort Worth. Its menu includes simple bread-and-cheese combos along with more unusual creations like The Big Kahuna, made with cheddar cheese, bacon, pulled pork, and pineapple. As for the menu at Dallas Grilled Cheese Co., Simpson promises he's got plenty of imaginative ideas up his sleeve. "I mean, it’s grilled cheese," he says via email. "If you can keep playing around with new ideas and doing different things to it and with it and on it and in it, why wouldn’t you?"