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Small Brewpub's Kitchen Rolls Out Pig Trotters and Charcuterie

Stop in tonight for a taste of the menu from former FT33 sous chef Misti Norris.

Small Brewpub is open for biz.
Small Brewpub is open for biz.
Justin P./Foursquare

Oak Cliff's long-awaited Small Brewpub opened its doors to beer-drinkers Tuesday on Jefferson Boulevard, and tonight, the kitchen will open for the first time with a small but well-edited menu. Leading the kitchen is former FT33 sous chef Misti Norris, and evidence of chef Matt McCallister's influence can be seen throughout the menu: In addition to a board of housemade charcuterie, you'll spot some unusual ingredients like pigweed (incorporated into the housemade boudin dish) and fermented strawberry, part of a very intriguing-sounding pig trotter dish.

Norris is also putting brewmaster's ingredients to good use, candying brewer's grain and even incorporating hops into a dessert. As for the beverage side of things, per a report from SideDish Small is pouring six of its own brews alongside six other rotating guest beers, plus a small selection of $8 cocktails including a Cockney Sazerac made with pear gin, five-spice, and Herbsaint.

Small Brewpub is part of the ongoing Jefferson Tower revamp that will also eventually include a second location of Carnival Barker's Ice Creams, a Cultivar Coffee outpost, and a barbecue restaurant called JD's BBQ. The brewpub is open tonight (and every other night of the week) from 4 p.m.-midnight. Scope out current food menu below:

Small Brewpub Food Menu

Small Brewpub

333 West Jefferson Boulevard, , TX 75208 (972) 863-1594 Visit Website