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Clean-Eating Freak Gwyneth Paltrow Recommends Bubba's Fried Chicken

And here we thought the Goop founder survived solely on quinoa and green juice.

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Gwyneth Paltrow probably didn't go to Bubba's.
Gwyneth Paltrow probably didn't go to Bubba's.
s_bukley/Shutterstock, Ryan W./Foursquare

Bougie lifestyle guru/actress/former Coldplay wife Gwyneth Paltrow launched a pop-up shop at equally bougie Highland Park Village last month. While that event — along with the coordinating menu of turkey burgers and and avocado toast that's being served at next-door coffee shop/juice bar Number One —  comes to an end this Sunday, fans of the avowed health nut can still eat like Gwynnie does: Goop's latest newsletter includes a "Dallas Guide" purported to give the lowdown on her favorite Dallas destinations, including restaurants and bars.

While Paltrow almost certainly didn't visit all these places — after all, a celebrity sighting at a popular place like Truck Yard would definitely have made the social media rounds, plus she's got an editorial team to do such legwork — she nonetheless puts her official Goop stamp of approval on a long list of local favorites including Babe's sibling Bubba's Cooks Country, Tei-An, Lucia, Pecan Lodge, Bolsa, Avila's, and Maple & Motor. Does Gwyneth Paltrow, whose most recent cookbook It's All Good suggests a diet excluding such no-no foods as red meat, "deepwater fish," potatoes, and even bell peppers, really eat fried chicken, barbecue, queso, and burgers? Doubtful, but nonetheless it's a fairly solid list for Goop subscribers who might be unfamiliar with Dallas.