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The Best Local Beer, According to Science; Vegan Gingerbread Houses

A scientist determines DFW's favorite beer; burger challenge at Swiss Pastry Shop; Reverie Bakeshop's gingerbread kits.

DFW's favorite beer, says a Ph.D candidate.
DFW's favorite beer, says a Ph.D candidate.
Lakewood Brewing Co./Facebook

BEER WIRE—The Dallas Observer employed a Ph.D candidate to scientifically determine DFW's most beloved local beer. The perhaps unsurprising answer? Lakewood Brewing's Temptress, a milk stout that clocks in at a hefty 9 percent ABV. [City of Ate]

FORT WORTH—Here's a worthy-sounding weekend project: Successfully devour Swiss Pastry Shop's Burgermeister Meisterburger Challenge (a two-pound bacon double Wagyu cheeseburger and a side) and get a free dessert. Pro tip: Don't sleep on the Black Forest cake. [SPS/Facebook]

RICHARDSON—Calling all vegans looking for a little Yuletide fun: Vegan bakery Reverie Bakeshop is selling gingerbread house kits for the holidays that include royal icing and vegan sprinkles. Call the bakery at (972) 238-7511 to order. [Reverie/Facebook]

Reverie Bakeshop

1930 North Coit Road, , TX 75080 (972) 238-7511 Visit Website

Swiss Pastry Shop

3936 West Vickery Boulevard, , TX 76107 (817) 732-5661 Visit Website