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Current Kitchen LTO Chef Blythe Beck Campaigns to Keep Her Job

Kitchen LTO rotates chefs every four months, but Beck wants to stick around a little longer.

Will Chef Beck be sticking around for a while?
Will Chef Beck be sticking around for a while?
Garrett Hall/Blythe Beck

Consistency is typically a valued trait in restaurants, but Trinity Groves' Kitchen LTO is remarkable for its inconsistency: Every four months since the restaurant opened last fall, it's gotten a new chef and a brand new menu. Current chef Blythe Beck (formerly of now-defunct hotel restaurant Central 214) is looking to put a stop to that frequent change-up, though, at least temporarily: She's currently waging a social media campaign to keep her current job for another four months.

According to the #KeepBlythe Facebook page, she needs 1,000 Facebook likes by the end of 2014 to get a four-month extension on her LTO chef gig. The page is currently at 420 likes and counting, with just over two weeks to go.

Does giving a chef a stay of execution defeat the whole purpose of LTO's concept, or are diners so keen on Beck's particular brand of Southern-fried comfort food that the move makes sense?

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