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The West End Will Soon Have Its Very Own Craft Brewery

Finally, a reason to go to the West End.

You know, this building?
You know, this building?
Claudia A. De La Garza/Flickr

Promising news for the rather tourist trap-y area known as the West End: It's getting a craft brewery. The Dallas Morning News's Robert Wilonsky reports that while "it doesn't yet have a name" — for now, it's being referred to as the Lamar Brewery Building — it will be located at the historic building at Munger and Lamar that once housed the Butcher Shop Steakhouse. Leading the beer-making venture will be brewmaster John Sims, formerly of Trinity Groves' Four Corners.

Per Wilonsky's report, it sounds like there will be separate brewery and bar facilities, per the ever-convoluted TABC guidelines that prohibit "sell[ing] beer out of the same facility where you make the beer." The as-yet-unnamed brewery is hoping to get things rolling ASAP, pending approval next month from the city planning commission.

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