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Remedy Hits Lower Greenville in January With Pie, Sundaes, and 'Health By Soda'

The HG Sply Co. spin-off will serve "classic American cuisine."

Brace yourselves for Remedy, the soon-to-launch new Lower Greenville project from HG Sply Co. owner Elias Pope. Set to open sometime in January, the restaurant and bar will feature "classic American cuisine," "iconic pies and ice creams," and "perfectly crafted cocktail elixirs" promoting "health by soda" (that's certainly a new one) not to mention beautification and stress relief. Yowza. That's all courtesy of the landing page for Remedy's not-yet-launched website, which also depicts a vintage-y logo reminiscent of an old-timey soda fountain — precisely the vibe that originally inspired the Remedy concept. Meanwhile, Facebook photos from design firm Jones Baker show progress on the restaurant's interior (including some very cool herringbone glass tile in the restroom).

With former Grape chef Danyele McPherson and Boulevardier alum Tristan Gmo at the helm, the food certainly holds great promise, though no specific details on the savory side of the menu have been released just yet; an earlier press release teased refined versions of "familiar food items" like, say, pot pies and grilled cheese. What we do know, however, is that Remedy will feature a lineup of fresh-baked seasonal pies and a rotating selection of sundaes — excellent news for anyone with a sweet tooth. (And perhaps washing dessert down with one of those health elixirs will negate all the sugar?) Stay tuned for more on Remedy as it inches closer to opening.