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Chef John Tesar's 10 Most Awesome Twitter Moments of 2014

If you're not following @ChefJohnTesar on Twitter, what are you even doing with your life?

It's been a banner year for chef John Tesar: His second restaurant, Knife, opened to much fanfare; he won accolades for both Knife and his seafood restaurant, Spoon, from national publications like Esquire and Texas Monthly; and he found himself embroiled in an unprecedented chef-vs-critic feud that skyrocketed him to national fame. Said feud was, of course, spurred by a late-night, expletive-laced tweet that was heard 'round the food world, but that wasn't Tesar's only moment of glory on Twitter this year. Below, 10 of Tesar's best Twitter moments of the year (in chronological order):

That time he took the gloves off and fired off a late-night tweet that spurred a thousand thinkpieces:

That time a well-respected Houston food critic had to give him props, even after his Brenner-related Twitter tantrum:

That time somebody designed a t-shirt in his honor:

That time his Guide cover was Photoshopped for better accuracy:

That time he was heralded as a people's hero by a respected local food journalist:

That one time he got compared to Yeezus:

That time someone created another t-shirt in his honor:

That time his battle-scarred forearms got their five seconds of fame:

That time he made a very emphatic stance on burger buns:

That time he graced us with an old photo of himself sporting overalls and a turtleneck (oh and is that a mullet?) and it wasn't even #TBT:

Did we miss a noteworthy Tesar Twitter moment? Leave it in the comments below.