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'Bar Food Magic' at Henry's Majestic and Tasty Brisket at Ten 50 BBQ

Plus, Leslie Brenner goes on the road to file a review in Houston.

Henry's Majestic/Facebook

Scott Reitz reviewed Henry's Majestic: Former Libertine chef Roe DiLeo is "making bar food magic" in the former Acme F&B space. "Oysters Majestic" are "salty and addictive, especially with a cold glass of beer"; there's also "a big, sloppy mess of a Reuben sandwich" heavy on the kraut and well-executed mussels in a creamy lemon-dill sauce, and a "satisfying burger experience." Less successful are "lukewarm and tough" meatballs and a very oily bone marrow dish. Desserts are worth a look, including the "beer and a shot," chocolate stout pudding with bourbon whipped cream, and sour cherry pie that's been cleverly smashed into a skillet for the ideal filling-to-crust ratio. [Observer]

Mark Vamos checked out Ten 50 BBQ: This Richardson barbecue spot from Chili's founder Larry Lavine "isn’t old, it’s not housed in a shack, [and] it’s not even a little grimy," but what it lacks in grittiness it makes up for with some pretty tasty barbecue. Especially good is the brisket, "cooked over oak for 12 to 14 hours, it’s richly smoky, tender and juicy, with a savory dark-brown bark." Just be sure to specify moist, as the lean "is drier and a lot less tasty." Other standouts include "mighty good" smoked chicken, "a rich and cheesy mac and cheese, a sprightly and tangy coleslaw," and onion rings. Less successful was "bland and mushy" bacon-wrapped jalapenos and boring turkey breast. Two stars. [DMN]

ELSEWHERE: Leslie Brenner road-tripped to Houston and reviewed Underbelly; rounded up their top ten meals of the year; City of Ate was unimpressed by the "cheeseburger" at Potato Flats, but keen on the biscuits at Weekend Coffee; Fort Worth Weekly checked out a gas station burger joint called Navajo Burger and compared Righteous Foods to "a Portlandia self-parody; the poor staff at D Magazine ate a bunch of cheese balls.

Henry's Majestic

2303 Pittman Street, , TX 75208 (469) 893-9400 Visit Website

Ten 50 BBQ

1050 N Central Expy, Richardson, TX 75080 (972) 234-1050 Visit Website