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How Would You Describe 2014 in One Word?

Local critics and bloggers sum up the year in dining.

Garrett Hall/EDFW

EOY Small

Describe 2014 in one word.

Nancy Nichols, senior editor/critic at D Magazine: "AMERICAN"

Teresa Gubbins, dining reporter/senior editor at CultureMap Dallas and Star-Telegram restaurant reviewer: "Cruciferous"

José R. Ralat, blogger at Taco Trail and writer at Cowboys & Indians magazine: "Educational."

Malcolm Mayhew, Star-Telegram restaurant reviewer and Fort Worth contributor at Eater Dallas: "Soup. Two great pho restaurants opened, Pho & Grill and Pho District, and Fort Worth got its first ramen restaurant, Hanabi Ramen & Izakaya."

Mike Hiller, blogger at EscapeHatch Dallas and travel writer: "Angry. Angry chefs, angry food writers, angry diners…all amplified by the megaphone of social media."

foodbitch, blogger: "Swift."

Whitney Filloon, editor at Eater Dallas: "Feuding."