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2014 in a Tortilla: The Taco Trail's Top Picks of the Year

The best tacos of the year as chosen by a local aficionado.

Mmm, tacos.
Mmm, tacos.
El Come Taco/Facebook

Local expert on all things tortilla-wrapped José R. Ralat ate more than his fair share of tacos in 2014. Over on his blog The Taco Trail, he rounds up his favorite tacos of the year, from local finds in Oak Cliff to on-the-road picks in Austin and beyond. Below, four of his DFW picks:

Los Torres Taqueria's taco de barbacoa roja estilo Sinaloa: The Sinaloan-style barbacoa from this Oak Cliff taqueria "is a mix of beef and pork, dark red from chiles colorados and fragrant spices." Ralat recommends the handmade flour tortillas over the corn.

Urban Taco's taco al pastor a la tuma: A regular al pastor taco from the upscale McKinney Avenue restaurant gets fancied up with a layer of griddled cheese. Ralat recommends ordering three, and it's easy to see why.

El Come Taco's fish taco: The taco from this Fitzhugh gem is stuffed with crispy fried fish and cabbage slaw, and Eater can attest to the fact that it's pretty fantastic. (Ralat is also a fan of the Jose with black beans, cheese, and avocado, and the much-more-exotic ant larvae taco that's available on occasion.)

Morales Restaurant's taco rojo: As Ralat explains it, the tacos from this Westmoreland Road restaurant specializing in Huastec cuisine consists of "tiny parcels of tortillas red from the inclusion of chiles in the masa with your choice of filling that are buried under a pile of lettuce, queso fresco, tomatoes, and sliced, tender potatoes supported by piles of chorizo." Yes please.

Head on over to The Taco Trail to scope out the rest of Ralat's list, all of which would probably make great additions to your 2015 eating itinerary.