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Monkey King's Rooftop Deck and Sidewalk Seating Shut Down by the City

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You're gonna have to find somewhere else to slurp those soup dumplings for now.

Monkey King's rooftop is closed for the time being.
Monkey King's rooftop is closed for the time being.
K. Davidson/EDFW

Unfortunate news for Deep Ellum noodle-pullers Monkey King Noodle Co.: The city of Dallas has shut down their rooftop deck, and also put an end to the tables and chairs that formerly lined the sidewalk outside the tiny walk-up stand.

While anyone who's descended the somewhat-treacherous stairway leading up to the rooftop might understand the need for some construction work, co-owner Michelle Midyette says the city's decision came as somewhat of a surprise, considering "the building has been in operation as-is for a decade" (recall that the stand housed Santiago's Taco Loco Express in a former life).

Until the Monkey King team can overhaul the rooftop to the city's satisfaction, the noodle stand will be officially take-out only during the week. Weekends they'll set up shop right behind the restaurant with tables and chairs; patrons can feel free to bring booze, dogs, and perhaps even a basketball to take advantage of the hoop that stands there. Fingers crossed for a speedy (and relatively inexpensive) solution for one of Deep Ellum's most beloved new dining destinations.