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Chocolate Secrets Extends Hours; Doge on a Pizza

Photo: The Quarter Bar

UPTOWN—Psssst: Every Monday (including, yes, today) The Quarter Bar in Uptown has $1 PBRs and half-priced pizza. Always good to start off the week on a frugal note. [@thequarterbar]

OAK LAWN—Sweets emporium Chocolate Secrets is opening at 9 a.m. all this week, because Valentine's Day. (Or bonbons for breakfast?) [Eaterwire]

FACEBOOK—If you're one of the few people who doesn't already subscribe to Cane Rosso on Facebook, you're missing out on some pretty awesome Photoshop jobs. Here's one from today with Vladimir Putin, and a recent one starring the Internet sensation known as Doge. [Eaterwire]

Chocolate Secrets

3926 Oak Lawn Avenue, , TX 75219 (214) 252-9801 Visit Website

The Quarter Bar

3301 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204