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Cane Rosso/Zoli's Owner Jay Jerrier on Gluten-Free Pizza

Hardly a day goes by without some poor deprived pizza lover inquiring via the Cane Rosso or Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern Facebook pages: "When will you have gluten-free pizza?!"

The gluten-free food market has grown by leaps and bounds in the past several years, with full dedicated aisles in grocery stores and gluten-free bakeries popping up everywhere — hell, even mega-chef Thomas Keller has his own gluten-free flour blend — and you can hardly blame folks with gluten allergies for wanting to have their cake (er, pie?) and eat it too.

Gluten avoiders certainly have no shortage of options when it comes in pizza in Dallas (Fireside Pies and Taverna are just a couple spots offering it on a regular basis), but when it comes to making traditional Neapolitan pies without the essential wheat flour that gives it its telltale chewy crust, well, perhaps that's just pizza blasphemy. In regards to gluten-free pies at VPN-certified Cane Rosso, owner Jay Jerrier says it'll "probably never" happen. "There is no way to cook it in our oven without contaminating it with flour or burning it to cinders," he says.

At his New York-style Oak Cliff joint Zoli's, though, a gluten-free option is more of a possibility, since the pies can be cooked in pans (a la the deep-dish Grandma or Sicilian styles) and not slid directly onto the floor of the oven where they'd be contaminated with wheat flour. Jerrier says they simply haven't yet had time to to formulate their own gluten-free crust, as they're still working on "making sure all the regular pizzas are consistent" (recall that Zoli's debuted just last August).

Of course, for anyone who's seriously affected by celiac disease (the autoimmune disorder that is the source of most gluten intolerance) Jerrier says, "You really shouldn't even set foot in one of our pizzerias because of all the flour in the air. But you can always enjoy salad, Salumi, antipasto, Caprese... or you could just eat a pizza box."

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