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Cafe Momentum Will Launch Its Own Restaurant This Fall

Cafe Momentum, the nonprofit culinary training foundation for juvenile offenders from chefs Janice Provost of Parigi and Chad Houser, "is ready to open a full-service restaurant space in downtown Dallas early this fall," according to a press release.

The group has been hosting monthly (and perennially sold out) pop-up dinners at big-name hot spots like FT33, Fearing's and Cane Rosso since its launch back in summer 2011, but "[the] goal has always been to open a permanent restaurant location," says Houser, who left his post at Parigi in 2012 to assume the role of Cafe Momentum's executive director.

No specific details on the restaurant space have been given just yet, but expect more info once a lease is finalized. Today, Cafe Momentum launched a "Get The Doors Open" campaign to seek the funding they need to bring the project to fruition.

· Cafe Momentum [Official]

Cafe Momentum's pop-up at Cane Rosso. [Photo: Robert Bostick/Cafe Momentum]