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Chef Najat Kaanache OUT at Souk

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Another chef is on the move today: Former PS chef Najat Kaanache has left Trinity Groves Moroccan restaurant Souk. An inquiry to Trinity Groves PR has gone unanswered as of yet, but CultureMap's Teresa Gubbins quotes owner Yaser Khalaf (who also owns Baboush in the West Village) as saying, "She left at the beginning of this week, but I cannot comment further on this topic."

Recall that Souk received a two-star review from Leslie Brenner of the Dallas Morning News just last week; the writeup was laced with damning barbs like this one:

It strikes me as a real mistake for Kaanache to resurrect the garish aesthetic she put on display at PS — so much fussy decoration on the plates. It didn't work there, and it breaks the very appealing Moroccan mood here.
It was, however, an improvement over the one-star review Brenner gave Kanaache's last restaurant, PS (now Barter).

· Pilgrim Chef Najat Kaanache Out at Trinity Groves Restaurant Souk [CultureMap]

[Photo: Souk/Facebook]


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