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The Establishment Will Finally Open in Early March

It was announced way back in October 2012 that The Cedars Social owners would open a new concept on Travis Street called The Establishment, and now it looks like that plan is finally coming to fruition: A recent employment ad on Craigslist says the restaurant will open its doors in early March.

The Establishment occupies the other half of the building where reservations-only cocktail bar Smyth opened in March 2013. Smyth was an early success, drawing attention from media outlets like Imbibe and even Vogue for its customized drinks from a bar team led by drinks wizard Michael Martensen. Unfortunately, that all came to a screeching halt when the surprising news came in November that Martensen had split from the group following an apparent dispute with owner Brian Williams.

Williams is soldiering on in Martensen's absence, though, and it looks like the concept for The Establishment is sticking pretty closely to what it originally was — with the not-so-minor exception of Martensen, that is. The Craigslist ad details a menu with "daily oyster selections, in-house dried, cured and aged meats, and a variety of seafood selections." (Previous employment ads for the restaurant hinted at a James Beard Award-nominated chef but gave no name.

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[Image: The Establishment]


4513 Travis St., Dallas, TX 75205 214-520-0900

The Establishment

4513 Travis Street, Dallas, TX 75205

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