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Henderson's "Newest and Classiest Bar" Debuts March 6

Henderson Avenue's "newest and classiest bar" is gearing up for its grand opening weekend beginning March 6. Henderson Tap House is located next to Veritas Wine Room in the strip that's flanked by Sushi Axiom on one end and newcomer Gemma on the other.

A heavily exclamation point-laden press release promises "7,000 sq. ft. of space, plenty of HDTV's to watch your favorite sports, and hundreds of party goers" doing what else — "partying!" The grand opening will kick off March 6 at 5 p.m. with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and if $4 drink specials and "VIP guests" aren't enough to lure you in, there will also be "over $5,000 in cash and prizes" given out that weekend.

While HTH will definitely be Henderson's "newest" bar, a slogan of "I'd tap that" and a cocktail menu that includes both sour mix and unholy-sounding creations like "The World Famous Upside Down Rodeo Clown" (some sort of giant schooner drink with an upside-down Red Bull can plonked in it) sort of brings the "classiest" part of that promise into question. Nevertheless, anyone eager to scope it out may want to RSVP for the grand opening weekend via the bar's website, as the Tap House is clearly expecting big crowds.

Peep the bar's official website for more info, including an absolutely massive food menu that includes everything from wood-fired pizzas to lobster mac and cheese.

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Henderson Tap House

2323 N. Henderson Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206