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Would-Be Patron Accuses Angry Dog of Being Heartless Toward Homeless

A would-be patron is upset about longstanding Deep Ellum bar Angry Dog's refusal to serve the homeless, but Angry Dog says it's not that they won't serve the homeless — they simply "reserve the right to refuse service to anybody that crosses the line of proper social behavior."

A photo uploaded to the Internet's best time-waster Imgur last night with the title "Restore my faith in humanity please!" details the recent experience of Luis. Luis says that he and his wife were headed into Angry Dog to eat when they were approached by a homeless man who called himself "Clint." Clint asked Luis if he would buy him a meal, and Luis obliged — or at least, he tried. Luis says the server refused to serve Clint and sent the manager over, who explained "that the owners didn't allow it and maybe in 'a perfect world' this would be acceptable," the implication being that Angry Dog doesn't serve homeless people.

Luis goes on to say that he's not calling for a boycott of the bar (or looking for free food), but that he "will never step foot in that place again," and says he is writing this to serve "as a reminder that homeless people are human beings too." Naturally, the Imgur posting garnered plenty of comments; many people were quick to decry Angry Dog, while others defended the bar.

A few hours ago, Angry Dog posted a rebuttal on its Facebook page, explaining that " 'Clint' has a troubled history in Deep Ellum, and in particular at the Angry Dog." The response goes on to say that Clint has been known to frequently pose as a parking attendant or otherwise scam people out of money, and that on occasion he "has gotten very aggressive and threatening." They further go on to say that "if you can act responsibly, [they] welcome your business," but as a business, they "reserve the right to refuse service to anybody that crosses the line of proper social behavior," and conclude with the fact that the bar "make[s] regular contributions to local homeless shelters."

The discussion continues in the Facebook comments, where Luis says that he understands the bar's side of the story but asserts that "Clint should have been treated with more respect." He also mentions that he took Clint across the street to Twisted Root Burger Co. for a meal instead and apparently had no trouble getting served.

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[Photo: Angry Dog/Facebook]

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