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Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Keeps 'Goes Down Easy' Slogan

Local craft brewer Deep Ellum Brewing Co. stirred up quite a controversy last year when it debuted an eye-catching hot pink van plastered with a giant can of its Dallas Blonde brew and the slogan "Goes Down Easy."

The double entendre with obvious sexual connotations didn't sit too well with one Genevieve Cato, a Texas politics blogger who pointed to the slogan as a shining example of "troubling use of rape culture in advertising." DEBC founder John Reardon was pretty outraged by this, and published a ranty blog in which he proclaimed the slogan merely a "glorified blowjob joke," saying that "if anyone is to blame for promoting such thoughts, it should be those interpreting the phrase to that level," and even adding a finger-wagging "shame on you." In the same breath, though, Reardon pledged to remove the slogan from the van.

While DEBC posted a photo showing a "censored" van on Facebook a couple weeks after the controversy began, it appears that it was merely a Photoshop job; as Cato pointed out this morning, the van's slogan is still intact.

City of Ate's Amy McCarthy reached out to DEBC for comment and was told that the brewery received "an outcry of support in favor of not cowering to an overly PC agenda."

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[Photo: Deep Ellum Brewing Co./Facebook]

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