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Hacienda on Henderson Has Reportedly Closed Up Shop

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In a rather unexpected move, Henderson Avenue restaurant/bar Hacienda on Henderson "shut down abruptly over the weekend," Teresa Gubbins reports over at CultureMap. A call to the restaurant indicates that the phone number has been disconnected.

The restaurant opened on the former Cuquita's site back in 2009, and was arguably known more for its expansive patio, icy cold tequila infusions on tap and ever-rotating lineup of flirty young waitresses than its food, though Gubbins does point out that it was popular with the Dallas vegan community thanks to a vegan menu.

Now that Hacienda is apparently out of the picture, time to start the wishful thinking: What would make a good new neighbor on Henderson Avenue?

· Tex-Mex Restaurant Hacienda on Henderson Throws in the Towel [CultureMap]

Hacienda on Henderson

2326 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206