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Stephan Pyles' Samar Will Be Replaced by a New Latin Concept, San Salvaje

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If you've been anxiously waiting for Stephan Pyles' lush downtown Indian-Mediterranean-Spanish restaurant Samar to reopen following renovations, um, stop: Looks like it won't be returning. According to Mike Hiller over at Escape Hatch, Samar will soon be replaced by a new Pyles concept called St. Savage San Salvaje. (Hiller explains that's Spanish for "wild saint," with the second word being pronounced "sal-va-hey".) A quick Google search indeed reveals that Stephan Pyles' restaurant group applied for a trademark for the name San Salvaje back in October.

Hiller says the new restaurant will encompass several different Latin American cuisines, including "tacos and tamales made with fresh nixtamal, arepas, empanadas, ceviches, tiraditos, plus elements borrowed from Cuba and Peru." Pyles reportedly hopes to open "by late spring."

Sounds pretty awesome, as long as Chef Pyles is resigned to hearing people constantly mispronounce it "san sal-vij." We've reached out to Pyles' PR and will update with any new info.

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Goodbye, Samar?[Photo: Samar/Facebook]

Stephan Pyles

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