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Lakewood's New Growler Spot Has More Than Just Beer

Growlers are all the rage these days, because who doesn't enjoy having a big ol' jug of craft beer chilling in the fridge? Filling stations for the resealable jugs are popping up left and right — case in point, Lakewood Growler just opened its doors Friday on Mockingbird Lane near Abrams Road.

The new bar-slash-filling station is keeping it close to home, with 36 taps that are all Texas brewed. The current tap list includes local favorites like Lakewood Brewing's Temptress, Revolver Blood & Honey, Franconia Wheat and Peticolas Royal Scandal, plus selections from Martin House, Rabbit Hole, Four Corners, Real Ale, Firewheel and more. (The closest thing you'll find to an import here are brews from (512) or Live Oak, both of which hail from Austin.)

Lakewood Growler isn't just limiting itself to beer, though; the bar also has hard cider, kombucha tea, root beer, and even cold-brewed coffee on tap, all of which are made locally; the coffee comes from recently opened Full City Rooster in The Cedars. And just in case you'd like to sample a few brews before committing to a whole growler full, there's plenty of bar stools and tables to sit a spell (UrbanDaddy has a look at the interior, which combines colorful wood planks and a corrugated metal bar for an industrial-yet-cozy feel).
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Lakewood Growler

6448 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75214