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The Sfuzzi Team is Opening Another Uptown Pizzeria

Polarizing Uptown hot spot Sfuzzi closed its doors back in late December, and shortly after it was revealed that the team behind it was taking over the recently vacated Primo's spot on McKinney Avenue with a new, rather cryptically-named spot called So & So's. If you were expecting some mind-blowing new concept, though, think again: The Morning News reports this morning that So & So's is — surprise! — a pizzeria.

The owners tell Sarah Blaskovich they have plans for a patio, pool tables, "a big bar with TVs," frozen drinks, cocktails on tap and craft beer. Basically, it sounds like Sfuzzi in a different location (it will remain to be seen if they decide to resurrect the frozen Red Bull & vodka from the Sfuzzi days).

One thing So & So's will have that Sfuzzi didn't, though, is former Komali and Salum chef Ian Tate in the kitchen. The owners tell the DMN they also have plans to make So & So's a lunch and brunch destination.

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Heavy construction underway at So & So's. [Photo: So & So's/Facebook]

So & So's

3309 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204