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6 Things to Know About Soon-to-Open Stock & Barrel

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Little has been revealed about former Nosh chef Jon Stevens long-awaited Oak Cliff restaurant Stock & Barrel, other than the fact that it's slated to open next month — until today, that is. CultureMap's Teresa Gubbins finally got Stevens to spill the beans on both the space and menu. The chef sounds like he's in it for the long haul with Stock & Barrel, telling Gubbins he's not aiming to be the hot new "it" restaurant but rather hopes to be "a mainstay on the Dallas dining scene for years to come."

Here's what you need to know about Stock & Barrel:

· The kitchen will feature a wood-burning grill and a rotisserie, where Stevens plans to grill meat, fish and veg and spit-roast items like "suckling pig, bone-in rib roasts and exotic fowl."
· A whole section of the menu will be dedicated to "the art of fried potatoes" with "different sauces to mix and match."
· Expect housemade pastas "as well as some of Stevens' signature dishes, such as baked eggplant and goat cheese dumplings."
· An open kitchen will have 14 counter seats for people who want to get up close and personal.
· The patio is dog-friendly.
· The restaurant "will serve dinner Tuesday–Sunday and brunch on Saturday and Sunday."

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Stock & Barrel

316 West Davis Street, , TX 75208 (214) 888-0150 Visit Website

Stock & Barrel

316 Davis Street, Dallas, Texas 75208