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Louie's on Henderson Avenue, Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

When it comes to Dallas pizza destinations, few inspire as devoted of a following as Louie's on Henderson Avenue. The dark divey bar opened back in 1987 and has been serving up killer Chicago-style thin-crust pies to a loyal crowd ever since. Sadly, owner Louis Canelakes passed away late last year at the much too young age of 58, but his legacy lives on: People continue to flock to Louie's for damn good pies (and an excellent Caesar salad) in spite of the less-than-ideal parking situation, annoying cash-or-Amex-only policy, and a staff that sometimes borders on rude. These are merely minor obstacles in pursuit of great pizza, and at Louie's it's really just part of the charm.

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1839 N. Henderson Avenue Dallas, TX 75206