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Here's a Glorious Music Video Featuring a Pizza Volcano

Fishboy is a four-piece indie band out of Denton that really, really loves pizza. At least that's the impression we get from this music video for their song "IMAVOLCANO." In the video, Denton resident Matthew Bauman takes a three-mile trip down University Drive in North Denton, hitting every pizza joint along the way until diving face-first into a spewing pizza volcano that may or may not actually exist.

Here are the pizza joints mentioned in the video, in order of appearance:

· Bagheri's Italian Restaurant
· Papa Murphy's
· Pizza Patrón
· Double Dave's Pizzaworks
· Pizza Hut
· Schlotsky's Deli
· Pizza Inn (now closed)
· Domino's Pizza
· Little Caesar's Pizza
· Papa John's Pizza
· Luigi's Italian Restaurant
· Top That! Pizza

Unfortunately, Bauman's trip didn't take him past many of Denton's local pizza joints, which include Crooked Crust, TJ's Pizza and J&J's Pizza on the Square, where the band frequently plays shows in the basement for free beer.

· IMAVOLCANO by Fishboy [YouTube]
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