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Fireside Pies Sells 3,800 Pizzas a Week

The O.G. Fireside Pies on Henderson.
The O.G. Fireside Pies on Henderson.
Photo: Margo Sivin/EDFW

Fireside Pies will celebrate a decade of slinging pies on Henderson Avenue this year, and if the crowds are any indication, Consilient's pizzeria is as hot as ever. The brand has since expanded with several more locations, all of which have cultivated their own neighborhood following — and to keep up with demand, Fireside is going through a helluva lot of product.

In an average week, the four original locations (Henderson, Inwood, Shops at Legacy and Grapevine) will sell 3,800 pies between them. To keep up with demand, they'll go through:

Flour: 1,750 pounds of flour
Cheese: 930 pounds of freshly grated house cheese blend
Pepperoni: 150 pounds of fresh-cut pepperoni
Basil: 55 pounds of hand-cleaned sweet basil
Olive oil: 55 gallons of olive oil
Tomatoes: 800 pounds of fresh tomatoes
Lettuce: 456 heads of organic Texas Bibb lettuce

· The most popular pies are the Triple 'Roni (pepperoni, mozz, basil and truffle oil) and the Hot 'n Crumbled (housemade sausage, garlic-herb ricotta and tomatoes).
· The most popular salads are the Texas Bibb Salad and the Fireside Cheese Salad.
· The most-ordered appetizer are the Molten Meatballs
· The best-selling dessert is the Warm Cocoa Brownie with salted caramel, hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream.

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Fireside Pies

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