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5 'Missed Connections' at Dallas Restaurants

Love can strike when you least expect it — you know, like in line at Starbucks or the drive-thru window at Jack in the Box. Craigslist's "Missed Connections" section is full of wandering hearts seeking a second chance to make a love connection, and a surprising number of them take place at restaurants. Here, touching highlights from the past week in DFW-area missed connections:

1) busty papa johns driver - m4w (dallas) "I so have a crush on you. Its probably because you are super friendly. But its most likely cause your breasts lol. Get at me if you want any chance of figuring out who I am."

2) Pei Wei - NCAA Bracket Talk - m4w - 58 (Preston Frankford) "We were both picking up 'to go' orders. The crowd around the cash register was 3 deep so service was slow. You smiled at me and asked how I thought my team would do in the tournament ... I was struck by your smile, your flashing eyes and (bluntly) your figure. Wow. I'm guessing you're married, as am I ... but what the heck."

3) Hot girl who works at whataburger - m4w (Forest & 75) "You pulled up in your car next to me this morning, music blasting. ... I kept glancing over at you because I thought it was cool to know I'm not the only one regularly singing with abandon before I have to go to work. Also, you're really hot. FYI. I would have told you that, but that's kinda awkward for some random guy parked in a whataburger parking lot to roll down his window and pass along a compliment, right?"

4) Del Frisco's Grille Thursday Night - w4m - 40 (Dallas Uptown) "This is probably the longest shot, but you were in the bar area seated with a friend. You have dark hair and were wearing tan pants and brown lace up shoes (work clothes).... I wish I could have handed you my card, but I didn't want to be rude to my friend. I'm going to go back to DFG next Thursday, just in case it's a happy hour thing for you guys ... am not a creepy girl ... totally professional."

5) zoe's kitchen - m4m (southlake) "Anyone know the young blonde guy who works here? He was there saturday evening. What a butt on him !!!"

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[Photo: Scott C./Foursquare]