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Mug Thieves Get a Free Drink Tonight at Standard Pour

Brian McCullough's McKinney Avenue cocktail den The Standard Pour celebrates two years in biz tonight, and in honor of the momentous occasion the bar is making a mighty generous offer: Anyone who's swiped one of the bar's copper mugs can return it tonight and get a free drink.

TSP, along with many other bars both locally and across the country, has been the victim of a recent copper mug theft epidemic; the shiny glassware in which Moscow Mules are traditionally served are apparently irresistible to sticky-fingered patrons, who have a habit of walking out with them.

McCullough detailed his adventures in confronting the mug thieves to City of Ate last December, telling of one wild instance when "one customer stuffed 11 of the mugs in a trash bag before jumping over a fence to leave the restaurant."

TSP will be open tonight from 4 p.m.-2 a.m. pouring drinks for repentant mug thieves (and anyone else).

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[Photo: The Standard Pour/Facebook]

The Standard Pour

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