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Village Kitchen and Toko V are Gone for Good

Photos: Margo Sivin / Garrett Hall

Last week it was revealed that Highland Park Village duo Village Kitchen and Toko V planned to shutter on March 29. According to blogger Mike Hiller and a post on VK's Facebook page, the restaurants didn't even make it that long — both restaurants served their last meals Wednesday night.

Owner Twomey Concepts reportedly will retain chef Andre Natera, either to relocate the two restaurants or for another project. (Perhaps diners haven't seen the last of that illustrious Fruity Pebbles milkshake after all?)

Village Kitchen opened last August and Toko V followed in October, putting their respective life spans at only about six and eight months.

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Toko V

33 Highland Park Village, Highland Park, TX 75205 (214) 522-6035 Visit Website

Village Kitchen

1122 Southeast Tacoma Street, , OR 97202 (360) 513-2810 Visit Website